Facism and Dictadure from local Goverment of Catalonia , shame of Europe


Puigdemont Fascism and dicture involve to citizen of Catalonia against spanish national police and remember  Spanish  Republic dictadure and Franco dictadure.



Catalonia likes Venezuela European Country ahead Puigdemont, Junqueras, Turull y Anna Gabriel (local Goverment Catalonia) and it is seems a Spanish Republic dictadure and Franco dictadure

Last Monday, 2 october, Local President of Catalonia said “Go out from Catalonia Spanish Police and Guardia Civil” as refuse of violence illegal referendum Catalonia celebrated last 1st october.

Catalonia citizen independent went out to the  Spanish National Police Building in Barcelona and different cities of Catalonia and shouting  “Go out Catalonia” “Fascist Spanish Police”. During 17  hours staying in front of Spanish National Police Building and the local Police from Catalonia was in front of catalonia citizen independent to garantee the security.

Too, Some policeman from Spanish National Police went to the hotel to rest and many catalonian citizen indepent scratches to the policeman and twice times went out to the hotel to other places to rest.

The situation in Catalonia it is like exception state because the people went out to Spanish National Police to shouting as refuse violence on first octuber in illegal referendum

This situation remembar republic spanish dictadure or Franco Dictadure in both periods the people can not express as ploitical idea , religion or any idea diferrent to the goverment . Nerly 100 year, the situation in Catalonia is seems a dictadure  because there is many people form Catalonia whose they want to keep Catalonia as Spain Country.

Today in a Spanisht TV show, a women called to police to offer two house to the policeman and she said that she felt shame about what happened last night in Catalonia when the independent catalonian citizen scratches to national policeman at the hotel. It is incredible that in Spain happened this situation after 40 year of democracy and it is shame How  local goverment of Catalonia, Town Hall  Barcelona and ohters institutions and college  want to share the citizens the idea to go against Catalonia independent and National Spanish Policeman.



At now, Catalonia it is seems the Venezuela from Europè where the dictadure have been broken in two ideas the catalonia society, from one size people go to independence of Spain for others Catalonia is Spain. At the moment many people to to “Catalonia is Spain” are quiet because they are afraid from 7 years ago.

The dictadure Puigdemont and independent citizen of Catalonia have been scratches to national spanish policeman and guardia civil which remembeer Spanish Republic Dictadure and Franco Dictadure.




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