The 3rd Annual of the European Cinema starts 21 st september at Valencia University





The Cultural Centre La Nau of the Universitat de València holds tomorrow, Thursday 21 June at 19:00, the inauguration of the 3rd Annual of the European Cinema Cycle: Cooperation and Neighbourhood.

This showing is organised by the European program Interact of the Universitat de València, which is aimed to promote the regional cooperation in Europe, as well as by the Film Archive of the ‘Institut Valencià de la Cultura’ (Valencian Institute for the Culture).

The inaugural film of this annual is ‘La Gruta’ (The Cave) of Vicent Le Port, the awarded medium-length film of the last annual of the ‘International Medium-length-film Festival La Cabina’ of the Universitat de València. The entrance is free and the invitations can be collected by arrival order until there is no capacity.

The European Cinema Showing belongs to the informative activities that take place in Europe on th on the occasion of the ‘European Cooperation Day’. The Interact program coordinates this campaign in order to make public which are the social benefits of the cooperation between borders. The economic and social disparities present between countries are being reduced thank to these interregional cooperation projects. The Film Archive is the headquarters of the festival.

Films included in the showing:
La Gruta (The Cave) of Vicent Le Port. 2015 There will only be one pass for the opening ceremony of the Cinema Cycle.
Un día perfecto (A perfect day) of Fernando León de Aranoa. 2015. 22nd and 23rd September.
Good bye Berlin (Tschick) of Fatih Akin. 2016. 22nd and 23rd September.
El otro lado de la esperanza (The other side of hope) of Aki Kaurismäki. 2017.  22nd and 23rd September.



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