Nude Salon, design , art and Crafts from Valencia – Spain

salon nude 12

The young talent  will be held from 19th. to 22th. September 2017  within theframework of Habitat



Feria Hábitat Valencia has made a call for the next edition of the nude, a creative space attracting every year young talents who work in Habitat.Nude is an annual event for young designers, design schools and businesses and  wants to be a career opportunity and a meeting point for young designers to bring them closer to the industry.

Nude thinks in a  new creators may have their first contact with the furniture and lighting industry; this is the reason why it is open to new designers and also to students and design schools.

This year will mark the 15th. Edition of this event, with the significant integration of art and crafts among the proposals accepted for participation in the Show.Nude  puts the latest trends in the field of design on display, as, in them, the idea of art and crafts plays an increasingly important role in the  cost of the products making up the Habitat equipment. In fact, there has always been a direct link between crafts and industrial design, based on a common origin, which is the mere creation of objects.

Additionally, craft as such provides the experience of trades, gained over centuries, which displays the development of the design, production and finishing techniques.

In this area, design studios increasingly work with craftsmen, thus allowing the integration of the highly demanded ‘return to the origins’ aimed at by Habitat.

The nude Show brings into its 2017 offering all those objects and equipment included into the Habitat world, such as furniture, lighting, textiles, kitchenware, bathroom ware, tile coverings, locksmithery and ironwork articles, construction carpentry and, now, craft products and artistic elements related to the

Habitat The Show has already published the participation rules and conditions, available on the web as well as the registration application. The show is opened to designers and international designers and creators, as well as to the design schools and new publishing and production companies being less than 5 years old, as well as to galleries presenting projects which are compatible with the spirit of this Show.

The nude  will take place from 19th  to 22th. of September 2017 in Valencia -Spain.



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